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Uncovering the layers of Hashimoto's Disease

Reclaiming your health starts with you. We don't pretend it will be easy, but you don't have to live the rest of your life sick, tired, and depressed.

Did you know that many cases of Hashimoto's Disease go undiagnosed by doctors who do not understand how to test or treat this disease? Start with the basic symptoms and the necessary tests for diagnosis.

There are many driving factors in autoimmune thyroid disease, starting with genetics, biochemistry, and environmental toxins. Learn how to spot your root causes and what you can do to turn them off.

You've balanced your thyroid hormones, you've cleaned your diet and removed environmental toxins, but you still aren't feeling your best. Now it's time to look at other ways to optimize your health.

All About Us

Finding health through perseverance

Who are we? We're thyroid patients, just like you, and we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. We know what it's like to go for years without diagnosis or proper care. We had to fight for health and wellness through research and dietary/environmental changes. We've collected resources to help you on your journey to wellness. You can also find Hashimoto's 411 on Facebook, where we run the largest thyroid support group in the world.

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